Rose hips for Christmas

This year, for Christmas, I’m all about “natural”. Somehow I prefer having my decorations as real as possible so I opted for a change in the red plastic small balls which step in every November. Here, they are substituted with rose hips, which, as you can see, look even better. And you can always use them for tea or marmalade after the holidays are over.
They are great for wreaths! For this one we used a metal ring and tied them around it. I hope it can survive the snow!

 Rose hips are also very good for random small bouquets. You can put them in a jar or a small bottle and decorate it as you wish. Here, I put tree wine corks at the bottom of every container and tied a bow around its neck. If you want, you can add other natural twigs or a classic purchased Christmas decor. The possibilities are endless!
Rose hips stay fresh outside to the middle of December, depending on your climate zone, so if you want to have them in your house for the holiday season, I suggest you hurry up!

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