I like to call these Mexican croissants, although they are more likely to be called eat-your-fingers pasty balls. Anyway, since I saw this recipe in a magazine, pretending to quote Eva Longoria as she says they are her favorite go-to meal, I decided to give them a try myself. Well, they turned out to be exactly as good as claimed. Give them a try yourself, too – they don’t require a lot of effort or time.

Serves 10-15 pieces, depending on the size.


1 pack puff pastry

1 pack crab rolls

1 small onion

1 tbsp. cream cheese or mayonnaise

1 egg

yellow cheese, grated




Crack the egg in a mixing bowl, add the cheese and the mayo. Cut the onion in small pieces, do the same with the crab rolls. Add both to the bowl and mix very well. Season with whatever you like. Be careful with the salt as the cheese and the crab rolls contain some. Unroll the puff pastry and use a bug cup/bowl to cut circles out of it.

Preheat your oven on 180 C / 360 F. Put one tablespoon of crab mixture on the end of every circle of dough. Cover with other end, as you would cover a sleeping person with a blanket 🙂 Use a fork to press the ends together, so the empanadas won’t open during baking ( does not work every time, though ). Once you have finished with all your circles, put the empanadas on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake for approx. 35 minutes. Serve warm.

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