Friday sips – Wines with a twist

From this Friday on, I will be posting a weekly themed sequence of posts, dedicated to drink recipes. As we all associate Friday with the two relaxing days ahead ( I know a lot of us don’t work Mon – Fri, but anyway), the small glass of anything can serve as a pick-me-up before a good night with friends or the opposite – to calm you down before a good night of sleep, accompanied with some pillow talk. For those of you who are not so much into alcohol booze, I will be writing some non-toxic ideas, too 🙂

This post is about a real love of mine – and half of the world, too – His Majesty, The Wine. We all have heard, read and being told how to properly serve and enjoy wine. White wine during summer and with fish, red wine in winter with a steak, don’t consume with chocolate or tomatoes and so on. Here is another idea, which is more like transforming wine into a cocktail, by adding some fruit to it.

Friday sips

Basically, you need:

1 bottle white wine

1 bottle red wine

1 cup small strawberries

1 cup cherries

2 tbsp lemon juice

ice cubes (optional)

White wine goes very well with little strawberries – if you manage to find white ones, you get bonus points. When you open the bottle and fill the glasses, simply put 2-3 strawberries in and top with few drops of lemon juice. Add ice, if desired. When you finish drinking the liquid, eat the strawberries – they are now super soft and with an interesting wine flavor, whereas their aroma is released in the wine.

Red wine is super nice with cherries. Put some in your glass and enjoy – they are even more delicious than the strawberries in the white when you eat them. Skip the lemon and ice here.


Friday sips

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