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This is my ultra-rich-in-healthy-things signature salad. During the times when I was strictly visiting the gym four times a week, this was an irreplaceable friend. I know that some of the ingredients may sound strange to you in first, but I assure you – it’s one hell of a combination! The black pepper adds a little bit of hot flavor, while the sweetness of the apple corresponds very well with the fresh greens. The chia seeds add some more protein and their super food power to the mixture. Note: You don’t taste them, they get lost in the other things, so don’t worry about that! You can experiment with your own twists but the basic is this – two types of greens, preferably more, something sweet, something protein loaded and your very favorite salad dressing.


Mixed greens (spinach, arugula, lettuce)


sweet apple,

cottage cheese,


chia seeds,

olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, black pepper


Wash the greens and chop them with your hands. Cut the broccoli, peel the apple and add them in the bowl with the greens. Mix the cottage cheese with some yogurt and pour it over. Sprinkle with some chia seeds, add the olive oil, the vinegar and finish with seasonings of your taste. Mix again and serve.

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