One place – three seasons

May I present you The National Theater of Bulgaria – Ivan Vazov. This a very famous and beautiful building, often visited by a lot of tourists and locals. It is in the center of Sofia City, the capital of Bulgaria, where I live. The theater is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a very long fountain, which you can see in the photos below.
The building is named after a respected, famous Bulgarian writer, who wrote some of the best novels and poems during the time, when our country was under Turkish enslavement.
People often meet there for coffee, beer or cocktails, to watch some old men playing chess (their traditional place is the garden around the theater) or just to sit on of the many benches, play the guitar, talk and watch people go by.
This garden is so full in the summer, that it’s hardly possible to find a bench for yourself. I pictured it in it’s rush hour in spring school break, in a warm summer night and last week on a cold November afternoon. As you can see, it’s always beautiful. 
Do you have a famous, enjoyable by all, garden in your city?

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