Presents for new homeowners

Presents for new homeowners

If you have friends, who recently bought their first home or a couple, who moved in together, you will most likely get invited to the mandatory first “wish you luck” visit. As the rule suggests don’t go empty-handed!!! In this post I’d like to give you a few ideas on proper gifts to bring to the new home. The invitation will probably come from a couple, but the ideas I’m about to give you work for roommates or even a single person as well.

1. Wine bottle plus glasses – if your friends are wine lovers, there’s nothing better than bringing their favorite type of wine, accompanied by a beautiful set of glasses, so they can remember your gift long after the booze is gone. Bonus points if you hand-write a personal card.

2. A painting/other house decoration items – in most cases, people are short of time / money / both after spending on their home, so the last thing on their mind is to make the rooms picture-perfect with the right decorations. Help them with these ones! Even you know very little about their taste, you can still buy something timeless and useful.

3. A cookbook – everybody cooks or wants to learn to do so. A nice, classy cookbook can serve for years to come and will always be in hand when one is in need of fresh inspirational recipes. Write down a note on that one, too, wishing you all the best to the new household.

4. Kitchen utensils – if you are close enough to the person and you know he/she won’t get offended by that type of present, go straight into it. These are always in need in any house.

5. Fresh flowers and chocolate – if you are afraid not to make a mistake, go with this one. Classy and predictable.

6. Plants they can grow in the house – if you know the people are nature lovers and if they will take of the pot, do it.

7. Something you cooked yourself – a cake or a quiche is a good choice, because are both spectacular to serve and easy to bring to the house.

8. A check for purchase – go to your favorite household items store and buy a check for the amount of money you feel appropriate and your friend(s) will be able to buy what they want/need themselves

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