Last minute Valentine’s date ideas

The title speaks for itself. If you are still not decided what to do and where to go this Valentine’s day, (and if you’re going to celebrate it, of course) here are some quick suggestions. I’ll try to keep the cliche dates to the absolute minimum.

Let’s quickly go through the mandatory cheesy ones:


1. Dinner – well, it’s Saturday night and why don’t you use the most harmless type of date? Yes, you can hardly go wrong with this one – we all eat and we all love to go out for dinner. BUT, bear in mind that there will be crowds at all the restaurant, like it’s the end of the world. Prepare for long waits, a lot of kissing couples around and heart-shaped candles everywhere. If you don’t mind all these – make a reservation and play it safe.

2. Romantic dinner at home – same, but you’ll have to spend hours in the kitchen and if you regularly cook at home, this will hardly be any different than other evenings. If want to take it to the next level, turn your phones off, turn the light off, light all the candles you have and opt for aphrodisiac meal. Cook it together, preferably.

3. No dinner, date at the bedroom – this one does not need explanation. Actually, every Valentine’s day celebration actually ends up to this one, so you can skip the foreplay details.

Some not so predictable ones:

Delight-Your-Valentine-14. Spa evening – in a lot of spa hotels offer couples massage, hot tubs with champagne and other amenities, suitable for a date. Some of them do not require booking a night in. Search the internet for your local alternative and give it a go.

5. Home spa – if you happen to have a bathtub at home, fill it up, put some rose flowers in, add the bubble substances, light the candles and voila. You are done! And, if you happen to know how to make massage, your spa treatment is ready. Requires minimum time and money and gives unexpected twist to your evening/love routine.

6. Wine tasting – find a suitable wine bar or wine cellar near your city, book a tasting and go. In my country the day of st. Valentine is also the Wine day and we usually combine the love of two. If you can’t find a suitable location, go to the local supermarket and buy small bottles of different wines and set up the tasting at you dining room.

7. Dog sledding – again, it’s winter time and it’s highly probable that there’s someplace around your city, that offer these kind of amenities. I haven’t done it, but it’s definitely on my list!article-1237280-07A5DB87000005DC-459_468x286

8. Weekend out of town – there’s something so refreshing about changing the landscape surround you. Give yourself this kind of present! There’ s no matter what the trip will be all about. Just change the scene. Ski, road trip, local sightseeing, etc. It can always be done last minute, because there are so many hotels, that you can be sure you’ll find a room somewhere. Don’t plan, go for the adventure.

9. Movie night – yes, I mean “50 shades of Grey”. There’s a reason the let it out in cinemas on the 14th of February. The film is named to be the most erotic one for the last decade, so what a better day to watch it than st. Valentine?

10. Ice skating – tell your date to put on something comfortable and take her/him to the rink. You’ll have your blood flowing, you’ll have fun, you’ll do something different together and you know what they say – sports get you libido rising.

11. City lights gazing – if you want to do something romantic and cheap at the same time, go to a place, where you can see the city from above. Take a blanket, cuddle, watch the lights and talk secrets. Prepare some tea or other warm drink, because you’ll get cold quite quickly. Don’t risk your health for romance and leave the scene the moment the first of you two sniffs.

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