Embellished sweater

Embellished sweater

I am very much into customizing my clothes. What I’ve found is that embellishment are easy to make and always unique at the same time. They can transform any piece of garment into an art. The same goes with this plain, beige oversized sweater which was hiding in my closet for about two years. It was nothing special, almost boring. Now, look at what it turned out! I bought some bling and had some fun sewing it on. I know, it’s time consuming, but if you are into it, it can be pretty party-like experience. The fact that you know you are making something which no one else will have and that you are designing it with your own mind only ads up to the fun. With this i want to tell you that all of you can do something to differ from the crowd – even if it’s to poke your fingers with a needle!

Have fun!

Embellished sweaterEmbellished sweaterEmbellished sweaterEmbellished sweaterEmbellished sweater


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