How to: Style the red bag

how to style the red bag


This is undoubtedly the season’s staple. Bold, beautiful, feminine and easy to style. Here are some ideas of how to incorporate this pretty lay in your everyday fashion, so you and her can be as pretty as possible.

Matching your shoes:

This is classic and easy, although a little bit predictive. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the type of shoe you choose.

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Matching a color in your outfit:

Choose a piece of clothing that has a similar shade of red to the one of your bag. This combination is a more sophisticated and put the bag as the center of your outfit. In the examples below a jacked and a scarf are used.

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With neutrals:

Wearing a red bag with a neutral color palette accents the beauty of the bag and you won’t feel too colored. This is a safe and easy combination.


Black & White

You can’t go wrong with this one, too! Red, black and white go together as whiskey and almonds, mojitos and seas, Italian and pasta. Classic!

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Striped tee, black blazer and jeans

No description needed! Choose the shoes yourself, but I strongly suggest you go with white sneakers.


Matching your lipstick:

Avoid any other reds with this one and use black/white or neutral color palette.


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