Birch plate


This post is dedicated to a single item in my home. The plate, presented here, is homemade. By my mum! Yes, I’m not kidding. She saw somewhere online a project, similar to this one and didn’t stop talking about it ever since. So, it was supposed to happen 🙂 The day was this summer, when we went to e family picnic in the mountain near my town. After eating and soaking in the sun, we got bored and started walking in the woods. There were a lot of fallen birch trees, probably because of a storm. After seeing them, we smiled and immediately knew what should be done. We took the kitchen knives and started peeling the bark…

Back home the idea was to try to create things while the bark is still moist, because otherwise it’s not very plastic and breaks down easily. You can see in the pictures that the plate is relatively easy to be made, you just need to be creative. We borrowed a tool from my father’s instruments to make the holes and then just sewed the parts together. Actually, birch wood is pretty versatile material and a lot of things can be done from its bark. Plus, the smell is amazing!

I am now using it to store fruit and nuts, but it can be used for anything solid and dry – candy, biscuits, even jewelry!

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