Yogurt green salad

yogurt green salad

Spring is the time to load up in greens -they are healthy, diet-friendly, delicious and really, really versatile. Depending on the dressing you use you can make countless variations of the single green salad. Not to mention the big variety of leafy greens themselves – arugula, lettuce, spinach, lolo rosso, kale and so on. All you need to do is wash them, make the dressing and add some more favorite ingredients in a big salad bowl. I am a very big fan of green salads myself and always experiment with the combinations. During the years I found a few winners. Here’s one of them.

Yogurt green salad

Serves two

1 big lettuce

1 dark lettuce

a handful of arugula leaves

half an iceberg salad

4 tbsp unsweetened yogurt

feta, blue or parmesan cheese

1 cucumber

salt, black pepper


Wash all your greens and chop them finely. Peel the cucumber, cut it in small pieces. In a bowl, mix the yogurt with salt and black pepper and pour it over the vegetables. Stir. The yogurt should cover all the greens. Add your cheese of choice and serve. Enjoy with freshly baked bread and a glass of white wine.

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