Tea three ways


Winter is the time for tea, no doubt for that. Green, white, herbal, raspberry, ginger and so on. There’s nothing like coming home from a bad day at work and being met with a cup of tea. Or when you’re getting a flu to sooth the sore throat. Or after a day of skiing…well back to really – tea is a great thing. I recently discovered new ways of preparing & drinking it, so let’s get to them. This is not about the type of tea, it’s more about seasoning it to give it a surprising twist.


This works best with camomile and raspberry blends, but you can always experiment. When pouring the hot water over your herbs, add some dried vanilla ( or chop a tiny bit of a vanilla stick) and let it sit while the tea is getting ready. Add honey, milk or whatever else you like and try it. You’ll smell the vanilla, but you won’t taste it. It is a very unusual combination, but it works! Just try not to put a lot of this addition, otherwise the flavor may become too strong. You will have a tea flavor and a cake aroma.


This one is really simple. When sweetening the cup up, skip the sugar/honey and use maple syrup. Healthier and different enough in taste, so you can feel it.


Use green for this one. Prepare the tea as you always do, sweet it up and leave it. When cool enough, put it in the refrigerator for and least an hour. Before serving, slice half a lemon and put it the tea. Serve in a big jug with a straw or pour it in your water bottle and have your work refreshment healthier and without any preservatives.


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