Weekly dose of little things.

I think I will make it a tradition to post about daily little things every Sunday. This last day of the week has always been my favorite – it gives you the time to sit back, relax, think and enjoy all the small treasures in your life you don’t see while hurring up on daily work tasks.

The things like a hot cup of coffee near the fireplace, your mum’s cooking a special dish just because you will go see the family, the chilly air outside corresponding to the warmness of your home, the cat purring next to you, the moment you realize you have what it needs to be completely happy and even beyond. The awareness that your life is absolutely perfect, no matter how often you’ve thought the opposite, no matter that tomorrow you can again hate it for a small, stupid reason.

So, go to your loved ones today, hug them and appreciate what you have. Be thankful and you will be twice as happy because you can even miss the opportunity to see how lucky you are. Have a nice Sunday and try be as aware of life’s little treasures as possible!

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